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"We want to make sure that you get what works best for you. Being that honest with you is very important to us and has always been our aim and intent. As such, this online store is not about us but rather all about you and your needs. Enjoy shopping at your store; MedicoStore"
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MedicoStore was originally created in September 2019 by a group of doctors and medical practitioners when the need to have original medical instruments at acceptable prices for us as doctors was a concern. As such, we embarked on a journey to ease that concern by developing a medical shop that we can trust.​

The Goals

One of our main goals is to help you find all you require from medical apparel, instruments and accessories in one place so that you can save time, money and effort. When it comes to people's health, your choice of equipment matters a lot, and we provide you with the best and the original medical supplies.

The Promise

Our products are, and will always be, suitable for everyone. Whether you are a medical, dental, or pharmacy student, a resident, or even a senior medical professional, we have got what you need at the most affordable prices and from the best brands available out there.​

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Our Customers' Reviews

Aseel Qahtan .

Suitable prices, very rapid delivery, with so much care and good communication with the customer ❤❤ Highly recommended for everyone and I’m so ready to deal with them again and again ❤

Saja Hayder .

من أفضل مكاتب التجهيزات الطبية متعاونين جداً والتوصيل مضبوط وبوقته والمواد متميزة وجميلة و أسعارها مناسبة

Rana Altae .

First time dealing with them, it will never be the last. Bought 6 packs of surgical pads. Very good quality, answered quickly, delivered the next day… Polite dealer, very helpful, what do we want more?! As I said before U R simply the best 🌸

Noora M Ahmed .

طبعا سرعة التوصيل خلال اقل من 15 ساعة وصلني الجهاز✅✅ تعاملهم لطيف و ذوووق. و المصداقية عدهم ١٠٠٪؜ والجهاز الاصلي 🌹 🌟🌟 Very recommended

Haydar Muneer .

المواد عالية الجودة و الكادر متعاون جداً و التجهيز سريع... شكراً جزيلاً 🌺

Amna Easa .

تعامل كلش لطيف و توصيل سريع والجودة كللش عالية و حتى أحلى من الصور .. مو اول مرة اتعامل وياهم و اكيد مو اخر مرة 🌸🌸

Dania A. Alamery .

This was my first time dealing with this page. Good communication with the customer and very cooperative. Quick delivery service and good quality. The page provides precise information regarding the products. Had additional engravings on the stethoscopes I ordered and were exactly the way I wanted them done. Highly recommended for everyone and would definitely not be the last time I order from them.

Abbas Majid .

طبعاً الشغلات تخبل وكلها اصلية ومثل المعروضة بالبيج والأسعار جداً مناسبة بالاضافة للدقة في مواعيد التوصيل 😍 MedicoStore highly recommended ✅

Mohammed Waleed .

التعامل جداً ممتاز والتزام بموعد التوصيل حسب الاتفاق والادوات جيدة جدا واسعار مناسبة🌸🌸🌸🌷

Wasan Ismail Majeed .

One of the best stores in the field of medical equipment with items that suit every medical personnel; including medical students, residents & specialists. They do care to advise you on which item is more suitable for you. Why to recommend them? High quality service & items by all means.

Ph Sarah Alaá .

The best medical store I’ve ever dealt with. Amazing equipment and instruments ❤ Really amazing team 🌸

Mohamed S Qasim .

Good products, good quality, responsive admins I highly recommend MedicoStore.

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